Acting Manitou Scholarships Foundation's Mission

The mission of Acting Manitou Scholarships Foundation is to offer partial and full scholarships for campers to attend camp who could not otherwise afford tuition. Acting Manitou Scholarships Foundation receives charitable donations from individuals, corporations and grants in order to make this possible. Acting Manitou Scholarships Foundation promotes socio-economic diversity amongst the campers of Acting Manitou by allowing campers from all income brackets to afford tuition.

Acting Manitou Scholarships Foundation's Financial Aid Policies

Acting Manitou Scholarships Foundation offers financial aid to families who cannot afford to pay full tuition. Financial aid is available on a first-come, first served basis and resources are limited.

Apply by January 1, responses given on January 15
Apply by April 1, responses given on April 15

There are two deadlines for financial aid applications. Families who apply by January 1 will receive a response to their aid request on January 15. Families who apply between January 2 and April 1 will receive a response to their aid request on April 15. Although financial aid applications will be accepted after the April 1 deadline, resources may be extremely limited or unavailable.

Acting Manitou Scholarships Foundation determines eligibility for admission without regard to a camper's application for financial aid.

Financial aid applications to Acting Manitou Scholarship Foundations are highly confidential and reviewed anonymously by a selection committee of the camp. Counselors, Teaching Artists and Directors are not granted access to financial aid information.

Casting standards for recipients of financial aid are the same for non-recipients.

Statements and other paper documents in the Acting Manitou Scholarships Foundation confidential file are destroyed after one year.

Please consider making a tax deductible donation to the Acting Manitou Scholarship Foundation.